FASHION DOUBT? THROW IT OUT! Rid your closet of clothing that you swear will someday be back in style, but you wouldn’t be caught dead in today. Even if similar styles come back, the materials and color combinations are never quite the same. Donate these items!

USE IT OR LOSE IT! Just ask yourself, “If it’s too good to get rid of, why am I not wearing it?” If you don’t feel confident and comfortable wearing it, or it no longer conveys the image you wish to present to the world, get rid of it.

STILL GOT A TAG? THROW IT IN THE BAG! We’ve all purchased an item that looked great in the store, but later realized it looked better on the hanger. Take it to a consignment store or give it away.

BUTTON LOST? GIVE IT A TOSS! Store clothes that need repairing or altering in a separate location. Make repairs a priority.

BIG OR SMALL, NO GOOD AT ALL! Do you have one wardrobe for before the diet and one for after? Keep clothes that you believe may fit in the next year (be honest!), but remove them from your primary closet.

MISSING ONE? THAT’S NO FUN! Did your dryer eat another sock? Still looking for that missing glove? Stop fooling yourself — get rid of orphaned items!

OUT OF SEASON? IT’S CLOSET TREASON! Store out-of-season clothing in labeled boxes somewhere else.

ARE YOUR SHOES SINGIN’ THE BLUES? If the toes are curled up or the surface is too scuffed — even if you spent a bundle on them — get rid of them. The same applies to purses and other accessory items.

SENTIMENTAL? THE SOLUTION’S ELEMENTAL! If it makes you happy and gives you pleasure, it’s not junk. So keep your letterman jacket, wedding and/or prom dress, but store it in a labeled box elsewhere.

OVERFLOW? SOMETHING’S GOT TO GO! The best way to avoid clutter is to get rid of one old item every time you add a new one. If purses are your passion, choose a sensible number of them to keep — and stick to it.

Now all of your closets can be beautifully organized. Need More Organization Help? Contact Nebraska Closet Masters today!

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