Follow these steps to create a space where things are easy to see, easy to reach and easy to keep clean!

  1. Divide your clothes into groups: Short (blouses and shirts), Outfits (suits, etc.) and Long (dresses)
  2. Now that they’re grouped for easy match-ups, file by color light to dark, then again by sleeve length and casual versus dressy.
  3. Hang everyday items on space-saving, non-slip velvet hangers. Use heavy, shaped hangers for suits and jackets. Make sure all clothing and hangers face the same direction.
  4. Separate your suits and outfit pieces — this allows you to see more coordinating combinations.
  5. Fold sweaters (to maintain shape), T-shirts and jeans, and store them on open shelves in the shelf tower where they can be seen. If you can’t see it, you won’t wear it.
  6. Fit more shoes on each shelf by alternating the toe heel direction. Sort shoes by height and adjust the shelves accordingly.
  7. For men’s dress shoes, invest in shoe trees. Shoe trees extend the life of your shoes by holding their shape (and cedar shoe trees help eliminate odor).
  8. Label out-of-season storage containers to ensure you find items easily between seasons.
  9. Keep a bag or basket in your closet for when you find items that don’t look good or no longer fit. When the basket is full, donate the clothing.
  10. In kids’ closets, try using labels to teach your children to put things where they belong. If they’re too young for written labels, use pictures instead.

Now all of your closets can be beautifully organized. Need More Organization Help? Contact Nebraska Closet Masters today!

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