Bathrooms are often cited as the least loved room in many homes.

However, even the smallest bathroom can promote rejuvenation, and capture the peaceful, minimal aspects of a spa-like retreat. Don’t neglect one of the most important building blocks to harmony in your space – being organized! Let Closet Masters Nebraska help, use these tips and storage solutions to create a rejuvenating space in your home!

Commit to keeping the space clean. Not only does this prevent the spread of infections or illness, it promotes relaxation and a sense of self-care. Your body and mind will thank you.

Decorate for harmony. Using uniform plastic bottles for things like shampoo and body wash can bring a classic and stylish vibe to a normally mismatched environment. Choose linens and accents that make you smile.

Remove all unused, unloved or expired personal products and prescriptions. If you’re one to try many products, consider giving barely used items to friends or a local shelter. Stop remembering that unpleasant illness every time you open the medicine cabinet — properly dispose of expired medicines in the garbage can or through a community “take back” program if available in your area.

Maximize storage. Narrow organizer trays and risers in the medicine cabinet can maximize space, too! Roll-out wire baskets under sinks or in linen closets can be used for any number of items, from a variety of toiletries to hair products. In small rooms, the back of doors are your friends. Install multiple towel bars on the back of the bathroom door or find an open wall for a hanging organizer.


Let Closet Masters Nebraska help you create a rejuvenating space in your home with our maximizing storage solutions!!

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