Whether you work from home, or just use your office to pay bills, a pleasant work space, free from needless clutter, fosters an environment for productivity and creativity. Feeling good in your office literally pays.

See how Closet Masters solutions and our helpful tips below can help, as we continue our Curated Living Series, in your home office!

Central intelligence. Those things you use the most — envelopes, checkbooks, stamps, etc. — should be kept together in a single, easy-to-reach location.

Keep it clean. Dust, cup rings, crumbs —they all accumulate. Wipe down desks, keyboards and mice regularly.

Paperless or near it. Consider investing in a document scanner. You don’t want to get rid of all your documents, but shaving down your paper isn’t a bad thing. You will probably want to keep your manuals and warranties nearby in case of a home emergency — a trusty file drawer is good for these and any other documents you need to save.

Mind your cords. Phone chargers and other electronic accessories should be contained in a go-to place. Pesky wires such as power strips, extension cords and adapters can form a tangled mess, but there are products to keep them well managed or even camouflaged.

Limit excess. It’s tempting to stock-up on office supplies, but purchase and store only what you have space to accommodate and what you will use in a reasonable time frame.


Let Closet Masers Nebraska help you minimize frustration & maximize function. Our storganzation options will bring harmony back to your home office, Contact us today!

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