Do you feel overwhelmed or stuck in a rut? When we’re overwhelmed and chaos reigns, we’re often neglecting an important building block to harmony — being organized.

Perhaps the hardest room to curate — especially if you’re an avid cook. Keeping an eye on minimizing frustration and maximizing function can help with paring down.

What do you use most often? Store those items in easy-to-reach locations. The pie pans you only use during the holidays can move to hard-to-reach shelves or the pantry. When it comes to organization, the most used items should get center stage.

What do you love? Know your go-to food creations. If you love to bake, keep flour, sugar and other staple ingredients and tools in one place.

Too many things? Grouping items by function makes it easier to locate in the throes of cooking chaos, and makes it easier to distinguish what items are worth keeping.

Love recipes? Cookbook collections can easily take over. Clip out and create a binder of your favorites. If you use online recipes, a holder for your smart phone or tablet is handy.

What about waste? Trash cans should be out of the way, but nearby. This includes recycling and compost bins. If keeping them emptied is a source of conflict, assign a rotating schedule among family members.

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