Get more time for fun this summer rather than wasting it searching for your equipment and gear. With storage solutions from Closet Masters Nebraska and these garage organization tips you can get out and enjoy your adventures without the hassle of searching for what you need!

1. Like athletic equipment attracts like, so make sure every sport is in its place. Bats, fishing rods and similar objects live in harmony together, as do balls.

2. Stow away out of season gear. Some sports aren’t year-round, so equipment like ice skates or snow skis can be hung or stored until it’s time to use them in the winter.

3. For the serious four-season athlete, your garage or basement is likely to get cluttered quickly once the next sport season comes along. Rotating items, and keeping in-season gear most accessible, will encourage little ones (and adults too!) to put thier gear away after use — instead of leaving it to pile up on the garage floor.

4. Keep camping gear together for ease of packing. Store sleeping bags in breathable bags to prolong life and comfort, or better yet, turn them inside out and hang them. Washing and hanging tents to dry before storage will avoid mildew and rot. Always be sure to keep fuels and flammables out of the house, and remove batteries and anything that can melt (looking at you candles!) if your garage tends to be hot.

5. The garage is a good place for sports-related footwear, but so is the laundry room, mudroom or an entryway when adequate storage is available. Don’t forget that shoes can get muddy — keep a duffel bag in the car just for shoes, and save yourself unneeded clean up.

6. Sports gear is expensive —clean and safe organization protects your investment, and your fun! There are a number of ways to keep your garage organized all year long, ranging from simple shelves, to custom-made cabinets, to wall-mounted storage systems. The possibilities are endless.


Get to your adventures faster with the perfect storganization system for your garage. Contact Closet Masters Nebraska Today to get Started!

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