Three Ideas for an Organized Garage

1) Throw Out and Donate:
Start with a large garbage container and several boxes for usable items you no longer need. This is the time to be brutal. Yes, you paid more than you should have for your son’s skateboard but he hasn’t ridden the thing in two years. Donate it. You know that screw driver you acci-dently left out in the rain and is now rusted beyond hope? Throw it away. All of those scraps of wood, PVC pieces and hinges you saved “just in case” have been taking up space for five years. Give them to a repurpose building supply store such as Stardust.

2) Map It Out:
Once your garage is free of all that clutter, you can reevaluate your space. Dedicate a place for tools, a place sports equipment, a place for lawn maintenance items, etc. Think about the things you use most often and create a space that is easily accessible. If you have high ceil-ings, overhead storage racks are a great way to store seasonal or bulky items.

3) Store It:
After you have your garage mapped out, you can begin to determine what type of storage systems you need. From plastic bins, to shelving systems and cabinets, to wall mounted storage systems and overhead racks, there is a solution to fit your unique requirements.

While many options exist, be sure to invest in quality storage systems. Your garage takes abuse on a daily basis and is exposed to harsh environmental conditions. Included in this guide are features to consider when choosing what will work best for you.

Stay Tuned for next Month’s Blog – Storage Systems to Reclaim Your Garage!
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